Best Tourisam in Pakistan

Road Track

Fairy Meadows is a remote village located in Diamer District. The road towards Fairy Meadows is a 2-hr jeep ride and is considered World’s 2 nd most dangerous and thrilling jeep tracks in whole world. It is an extremely bumpy road and you’ll get unsettled on the track. But if you are an adventurous person, then Fairy Meadows is the place to go.

Trek to Fairy Meadows

Fairy Meadows is accessible via trekking from the place called Tatu Village. Jeeps will only take you there and from thereon you have to trek towards Fairy Meadows. The length of the trek is mere 5 Kilometres but due to its elevation its not an easy trek for all sorts of persons. If you have breathing problems or you are suffering from any sort of joint issues or you are a heart patient, certainly this place is not recommended for you.

No Shops Available

There is not a single shop of any kind in Fairy Meadows so take every sort of necessary item with you. Either it be your personal medication, your clothes or shoes, cosmetics or even food items. Beware that whatever is left behind, you are not finding it in Fairy Meadows even if you are willing to pay thousands. A snap of the shop is added below, that has just about relevant items related to food and emergency medicine.

No Communication Networks

There is only a single point in the whole village where you will spot some weak SCOM (Special Communications) signals and it is hard to locate that spot without the help of locals. Apart from that, you won’t be having any mobile operator working in the area.

Base Camp of Nanga Parbat

Many considered Fairy Meadows as the Base Camp of Nanga Parbat but believe me, if you a little research before going to Fairy Meadows, it will help. Fairy Meadows is not the base camp of Nanga Parbat and the base camp of Nanga Parbat is further 5-hrs trek from Fairy Meadows.

Fairy Meadows is a bit Expensive

Fairy Meadows is not an ordinary place to visit. It is far more beautiful than every other place but is expensive as well. You’ll find food far more expensive in Fairy Meadows than in Hunza and Gilgit and there is a reason for that. There is no transportation up till Fairy Meadows Top and people get their resources transported by the labour. The cost of labour therefore make the things a little bit expensive. But to be honest, once you visit Fairy Meadows, you’ll see your money worth spent.