Best Tourisam in Pakistan

By Air

A convenient way to reach Fairy Meadows is to travel by air. Only PIA offers special operation from Islamabad to Gilgit. 42-seater small aircraft operate in the region however, all flights are subjected to weather clearance, and many-a-times, flights are often delayed by several days. From Gilgit, there is a two hours long drive to Raikot bridge.

By Road

The journey initiates from Islamabad. A newly constructed ‘Hazara Motorway’, bypassing the overcrowded districts of Abbottabad and Mansehra, exits at ‘Mansehra Interchange’. From Mansehra, two routes originate. Route one, which turns out more scenic and picturesque, is ‘N- 15’ that passes through Balakot, Kaghan, Naran, and Babusar Pass, arriving at Raikot Bridge in 8- 10 hours.

By Road(route 2)

Route two is the Karakoram Highway (N-35) that goes through Besham, and Dasu, reaching Raikot in roughly 14-16 hours. Since the route is not accessible the whole year due to the closure of Babusar Pass from November to June, the route two is taken into consideration. Click Here to see more information about the routes.

Raikot Bridge

Once you reach Raikot bridge, that’s all your conveyance can do. The locals do not allow any other vehicle to go on from there, so you have to just park your vehicle and get a Jeep to Fairy Meadows. There are many hotels and parking spots where you can park your vehicle and have a rest before heading towards Fairy Meadows.

Safari Jeap

From Raikot bridge, you will find a Safari Jeep. The rentals are decided by the Jeep Union on yearly basis. You have to pay 60-70% in advance and the remaining money will be payed when you get back. The Jeep drivers do not allow more than 6 members to ride in a single Jeep because of the bumpy track, so it is advised to not argue with them on the matter. The Jeep will take you to Tatu, the nearest village from Fairy Meadows. It is a 2-Hr jeep track on an extremely bumpy road so be ready to face one of the most thrilling Jeep ride in the whole world.