Syaahat (سیاحت) is an Urdu word meaning “Tourism”

Syaahat.com is a modern age travel agency in Pakistan which gives the traditional travel agency business a new dimension by providing non-traditional travel coordination for different classes of customers. Syaahat.com caters a broad range of customers offering them a unique traveling experience through customized packages devised to cater to their needs. The business has a competitive advantage over others in this market by providing smaller, more exclusive package tours enabling the clients to receive more personal attention.

Syaahat.com not only offer budgeted corporate tour packages but will also collaborate with various local wedding planner agencies in the local market by offering them various luxury honeymoon packages to further market them to their customers. Furthermore, since the tourism industry has undergone rapid growth of unsurpassed nature over the last few years, Syaahat.com will also offer tour packages for people wishing to explore Pakistan by offering them travel consultation, reservation of hotels, and adventure packages.


At Syaahat.com, we believe that it is our duty to provide our visitors and customers with the best experience in terms of travel consultation, planning the tours, hotel reservation, transport bookings, and organizing the tours, and this is what our mission speaks of – to revolutionize, innovate and continuously add value to the way people plan and execute their recreational tours, both inside and outside of Pakistan. We aim at improving the living standards of the local communities at far-off places by giving them more opportunities to host the tourists and give them an insight into the modern world.

Our mission is to provide the local and international users with the most comprehensive tourism knowledge and up-to-date information with respect to Pakistan and the world alike and help them get involved in the situation while planning for the next tour. Our outstanding employees manage worldwide customer relationships on behalf of our business partners and deliver these customer experiences with a combination of passion, dedication, and world-class training.

We believe that we will successfully execute our mission by capitalizing on our core strengths and adhering to key organizational initiatives.

Syaahat.com envisioned at becoming Pakistan’s leading online portal and customer’s first choice when it comes to tourism.

CEO Message

Syaahat.com was founded in November, 2019 with the vision to become the country’s leading portal to deliver all-round services to the end customer and to revolutionize the local tourism. My mission is to build the industry’s most dynamic team of customer service and marketing associates and deliver cost-effective and high-impact customer services to compete with the modern world.

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With over 10 years of experience, we believe that we are one of the most experienced in this field. 


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Syaahat.com is a registered Travel Company offering its services in the field of Domestic Tourism, Hotel Reservations and Transportation. 

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Our team of highly professional and trained guides and managers are the standout performers for us since a long time.

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